My 2021 Year in Review

2021 has been a heck of a year, I had no idea how it was going to play out, but one thing for sure was that growth was my number one priority. Last year was a rough period for everyone, I wasted my time on unproductive and irrelevant things that did not move me forward. This year was super busy and I would share my highlights of each month.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” - Zig Ziglar


I started my journey into Product Design by reading books and completing courses, as well as joining communities on various platforms to learn from others. I returned to school, so most of my time was for studying and researching.


My college (Engineering) had its annual sports competition (NUESA) where all departments come together to compete in various sporting activities. It was a proud moment for me and my family that I represented my department (Computer) and took part in the football competition where we came in second place.

COE 2020/21 Squad Starting 11 with coach Temple


I wrote my exams, soon after I started my summer internship at Start Innovation Hub (Uyo) and a virtual internship at Zuri Training. This was a very crucial point that would change my life, but, I did not notice until the end of my stay there. I was assigned to Nsikan Etukudoh as an apprentice while learning on the side as much as I could.


I started reading articles on Medium to learn new things and keep up with the trends in the industry. Virtually at Zuri Training, the training phase had already begun where we were introduced to several concepts of design, I also made friends during this period. We won a game during the program.


At the end of the 2020/2021 season of the PL, I won my FPL League “Banter Squad” after months of overthinking and mind games with my comrades Anietie Akpanusoh, Princewill Williams, Godswill Edwin, Abasiodiong Ufot, Inioluwa, Victor Moses, Marco, Vanny, Uso, Akin, Rony, and others. I also read the book “Steal like an artist” by Austin Kleon and created a Dribbble account and started sharing some of my design work there.


I created a pattern illustration using Figma, after sharing it on Twitter it got their attention which made me elated. I started taking classes on Product Design at Start Innovation under the supervision of Mr. Hanson Johnson and Mr. Joseph Udoiri. At Zuri Training, I made it to the project phase where we worked on an Escrow platform.


We had a Google I/O Extended event at Start Innovation Hub and I took part in the code-lab session for Product Design where I learned about the application of Dark Themed modes on Android Apps and I won some swag (T-Shirt). I started writing articles on Medium to share my experiences and my first article got over 80 claps!

Nsikak Thompson — GDG Uyo Organiser and Android Engineer at League


This was a turning point in my year as changes occurred ever so fast. I completed my physical and remote internship, I also took part in the 30-Day Design Challenge by Ingressive For Good. I got swags from Jiggle and applied to be a Campus Ambassador for Ingressive For Good and got shortlisted!

ME surfing the internet plus my swags from Jiggle


The return of CR7 to Manchester United. I also completed the 30-Day Design Challenge by Ingressive For Good and came in 4th place. I attended Akwa Ibom Tech Week where I learned a lot ranging from the world of Defi, NFTs, Community and so much more. I also attended the Nigeria StartUp Bill meet-up in Port-Harcourt at Tech Creek where we discussed creating laws that support the growth of the tech startup ecosystem in Nigeria.

Mr. Hanson Johnson and Mr. Aniedi Udo at AKITECH Week 2021


The holidays came to end and I returned to school and got selected as a Campus Ambassador for Ingressive For Good. I was super excited and ready to take on the challenge of creating a thriving Tech community in my University amongst other expectations. I won the very first iteration of the Student of the Week Award by NUESA, I also hosted the first-ever event for the Ingressive For Good community in my University.

Student of the Week | I4G ABUAD First Meet-up


A quiet month where all I did was attend classes while building ABUAD’s Ingressive For Good Community. We had 3 more events (one physical and two virtual). I applied for the Cowrywise Campus Ambassador Program, I rediscovered my love for the creation of mini vlogs which led to my pushing more content on Tiktok and started averaging 4k views per video!


I got accepted into the Cowrywise Ambassador Program! My 21st Birthday was a quiet one because we had tests back to back that week. We had our last I4G event of the year and vacated for the holidays. I got to spend time with my family and also took a train for the very first time! It was an exciting experience. We also visited the Zoological Garden, the University Of Ibadan where I saw and felt lots of animals. My highlights were the Crocodiles and Donkeys. I started learning about the World of Web3.0 and bought my very first NFT!

I4G X iLoreTalks Event

What about 2022?

  • I want to increase and improve my relationship with God.
  • Read more books.
  • Become a better Product Designer.
  • Graduate from the University, grow ABUAD’s I4G Community to a thousand members.
  • Form meaningful connections with people.
  • Become an NFT collector.
  • Attend Tech Fests and other meet-ups to engage with communities.
  • Take lots and lots of pictures.
  • Cultivate a better sleeping habit.




Product Designer | Student Ambassador for Ingressive For Good & Cowrywise

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Alexis Abakasanga

Alexis Abakasanga

Product Designer | Student Ambassador for Ingressive For Good & Cowrywise

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